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Sat, 18 Feb 2006

SRV-1 object tracking ... first steps

The next release of SRV-1 firmware will have basic object tracking functionality. A couple of buttons have been added to the base station console to capture the characteristics of an object and then try to locate it in subsequent frames. The process is simple and surprisingly robust. Here are some screen shots from initial tests:


The image on the left shows the live feed. Clicking the little green cross in the lower corner of the console cause the capture of object characteristics from a centered template (this will be moveable), and the image on the right shows the tracked object (in this case, my hand).


In this sequence, I caught Mickey's face. The template with two green crosses will actually capture 2 sets of object characterisics - in this case, we might want to get his face and his feet to more robustly track a specific object.

Once the tracking is further refined, we'll hook up motor controls and instruct the robot to keep the target object in its field-of-view, or search around for an object matching the target characteristics.

By the way, if you're wondering about the other console buttons, the little figures in yellow or brown are intended to turn on or off the motorized object tracking function.

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new project - SRV-1 controller on an R/C tank base

Here' s the tank with an SRV-1 controller installed.

We added a plug for the battery charger in the back.

The camera is temporarily attached to the front of the vehicle. When we have a chance to build driver circuits for the turret motors and airsoft gun, we'll move the camera up to the turret.

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