Sun, 15 Feb 2009

Google Android G1 control of Surveyor SRV-1 robots - code now available

A few weeks ago, we hinted at a new control console we were building with the open-source Google Android G1 phone for wireless remote control of the open-source SRV-1 robot controller. The Google Code project is now live, plus we have some cool videos to show the Android console in action.

The Google Code project is found here -
We actually have three different demo projects. The first was built by the main developer of the Android application - Jeffrey Nelson of Macpod Software - for his Forknife2 Robot (don't miss the cupcake snapshots - robots love cupcakes !). The second was control of a prototype SRV-1 Blackfin Robot, and the third was a relaunch of our YARB Robotic Blimp. No changes were made to the SRV-1 firmware for any of these projects.

Here are the videos:

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