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re where is the motor pin outs in source code (Read 2335 times)
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re where is the motor pin outs in source code
02/06/09 at 5:56am
Hi again, i think i have damaged the 21 pin on the srv1, where in the sourcecode is the command to change the pinout to say 22 etc etc , which file is the code in ie , main or etc etc, please help i am new with code so its taking me some time
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Re: re where is the motor pin outs in source code
Reply #1 - 02/06/09 at 7:49am
The code is in utils.c  - look at initPwm().  However, you can't change the pin - pin 0.21 is TMR5 which generates the PWM signal, and I don't know if there are any alternative timers on the board.
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