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SRV-1 Arm ver on Lynxmotion Tri-Track Base (Read 2066 times)
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SRV-1 Arm ver on Lynxmotion Tri-Track Base
01/03/10 at 4:18pm
So I have the board mounted onto the new chassis. It works, but the signals from the FAN8200 won't drive the 12V motors.
I put the FAN8200 into a socket so I can experiment with other methods.
I tried SS relays, etc, with no success.  Then I scoped out the signals and figured out it was PWM.
Going through the forum, I see that others are working on the same issues.
Before buying a Sabertooth H-bridge or something like it, I figured I'd ask here and not try to re-invent the wheel. (Tracks)
Also, gnuarm-install2.exe file seems to be currupt. It hangs during install at the same place, even on different computers.
Re-downloading didn't help.
Has anyone been able to adapt thier ARM SRV-1 to a base with larger motors?
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Re: SRV-1 Arm ver on Lynxmotion Tri-Track Base
Reply #1 - 01/03/10 at 4:37pm
You can change the PWM signals to run at 50Hz instead of 1000Hz, varying the pulse width from 1ms to 2ms.   I think there are already drivers for PPM in the SRV-1 ARM7 firmware, but don't recall the details.
For gnuarm update, you could try this site -  
This is a newer version that I haven't tried, but it looks interesting -  
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