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development of the underlying procedures (Read 946 times)
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development of the underlying procedures
11/01/11 at 9:37am
i bought the car(http://surveyor-corporation.stores.yahoo.net/srrowestkit.html), few days ago.  
Now i want to development of the underlying procedures, however i don't know how to do it.  
could someone  teach me in detail?
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Re: development of the underlying procedures
Reply #1 - 11/01/11 at 12:24pm
I'm not sure I follow what you are asking. The SRV-1 platform is a research and development platform and requires some level of knowledge of robotic systems for this product to be an appropriate fit for the end user. If you do not have this knowledge and are looking for training from the bottom up you will need to find someone to help you as this forum is not suited for step by step training.
Now, most of the basics are accessible through research, and with web searches you can get quite far. You can also derive lots of information from this forum regarding specifics of the SRV functions, but if you are starting with no knowledge you will be best served by finding someone local to you that can work with you and show you things.
Please clarify your needs and we will go from there.
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