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Webcam32 Software


Webcam32 is a Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and XP application which displays video camera images to within a web page.

Registry Update Tool

If you have a version of Webcam32 prior to v5.5.0, this utility will copy your old settings (from webcam32 v5.0.8) to the new location in the registry where settings for versions 5.1.0 and later are kept. The old settings are NOT deleted, for those of you who would like to keep your old version as well. Sorry for the delay.

Download the Registry Update Tool.

Features of Webcam32 V6.0.1

Uses of Webcam32

Webcam32 is a full function Web Camera application. It may be used to provide monitoring of remote locations or to present images of yourself or your environment, at work or at home.  A more detailed User's Guide for Webcam32 is available here.

Downloading and Installing Webcam32

Obtaining a Webcam32 Upgrade or Replacement.

The latest version of Webcam32 is Version 6.0.01, and was released on January 14, 2000. To obtain an upgrade or to replace your copy of webcam32, you will need your Invoice Number and your Date of Purchase. To send us an email requesting a copy of Webcam32 Version 6.0, please click HERE .

To download the latest Webcam32 Local Help, click HERE.

Screen shot of Webcam32

Webcam32 screen shot

Operational Overview

Webcam32 is supplied as a Windows 95/NT application which captures images (upon request) from your video capture device. These images are then converted into a JPEG encoded form and sent to the requester of the image over TCP/IP (the Internet or intranet).

Webcam32 can act as either a Web server capable of sending video images or as a proxy server for a CGI program.

Additionally, Webcam32 can be configured to upload JPEG images via FTP to a Web server.  These images can then be accessed through HTML web pages through HTML IMG tags.

If used as a Web Server, Webcam32 need only be started and then HTTP requests submitted to Webcam32 will result in a formatted HTTP response containing the image being sent back to the browser. Webcam32 has a fully configurable port number and hence can coexist on the same machine as regular Web Server without port number conflict.

The following diagram illustrates Webcam32 acting as a direct HTTP server:   

Webcam32 using HTTP protocol


The following diagram illustrates Webcam32 being used in its FTP upload mode:

 Webcam32 using FTP protocol  

Webcam32 Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about the WebCam32 product is available HERE.  A web based discussion group for Webcam32 and other webcam products is available HERE.


Registering Webcam32 will provide:

The registration charge per copy of Webcam32 is $39.95.  You may register either by Credit Card or sending a US Dollar check.  As new functions are added, you will be able to continually download the latest version immediately.


Credit Card payment

To register by credit card, click the Electronic Download link just above.  Credit cards accepted include

Check payment by mail

To register your copy of Webcam32 by mail, send a check or cash  for the amount of  $39.95 to:

Surveyor Corporation
4548 Broad St.
San Luis Obispo
California, 93402

Please include your mailing address and E-Mail address.  You will also receive an Invoice Number.

Keep the Invoice Number and the Date of Purchase for your records. You will need them if you upgrade or need to replace your copy of Webcam32 sometime in the future.


If you have any questions about purchasing Webcam32, send mail to our sales staff:

For technical assistance, try our web based Help Wizard at:

Sample users ...

Gallery frame

Some sample users (there are now thousands of registered users) using Webcam32 can be located at the Webcam Satelite Network HERE.


Webcam32 was awarded best Webcam software package by ZD Internet Professionell 11/98  

Webcam32 was awarded a get it! by

Webcam32 was awarded  by ZDnet (review here).

Webcam32 was awarded Cool Tool!! from Cool Tool!!

Webcam32 was reviewed by pcmag.gif (2883 bytes) (review here)

Webcam32 received Emoticon Rating from RocketDownload

User feedback

Hi, Just downloaded my registered copy and concluded: "Its better than sliced Bread!" most impressive.

Wow...since you put a link to my page on your site, I've been getting hits from all over the world!   Europe...Israel...New Jersey..:)..

Your software was the first I have ever registered... $39.95 well spent.   Don't understand why no one else has a program that works as easily as  yours.

I just had to say what a great program WebCam32 is!  I played with
You'll be getting my $39.95 registration fee ASAP!

EXCELLENT program.  I registered
I will be sending you $39.95 within a day or two.

Thanks again for the great program.

Awesome product.  I've had nothing but trouble with the competition. Yours seems to work very well and reliably.  Outside of the annoying time out every hour, it is a fine product.

I'll be sending you a $39.95 check...

Hi .....

Just wanted to Thank You for a superb program,......I've tested others, but the simplicity and functionality of yours outperforms all of them.

This program was just what I've been looking for.

My check for the registration will be in the mail by Mon.

Nice program! Much less of a strain on the cpu than other programs I've tried, and a lot more options. I mailed a check this morning : )

I really like Webcam32 it is an excellent program. I have searched high and low for a decent win95 webcam type app and I came across yours and need to search no more.. Thank You :)

I must say, after downloading and installing/using/attempting to use often with great frustration) similar products from competitors.....I can appreciate the great job you have done. Nothing compares!!!

I registered a competitor's program only to find that while it is loaded, I can't use the lipboard....ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I was exiting and resetting the app constantly because I am an avid clipboard user.

After only 48hrs, detected unauthorized person in my locked office.

The nonlinear avi is great! .... Once again, thank you. This thing works!!

Thank you for providing such an excellent product to the webcam community. I will pass the word along that your product is the BEST overall webcam product EVER!  Your modest customer service and technical support is what really impressed me. Good job.

I just registered Webcam32 -- great piece of software!  It pretty much sets itself up, and works almost transparently. The registration system was the easiest I've dealt with, too ... and quick turnaround time on the registration (like less than 10 seconds).

I want to thank you for writing such a great program and offering it at such a reasonable price. We looked at
many thanks...

In the past two days I have tried 6, that's right 6, different web cam demos.  Webcam32 is by far the greatest and easiest to configure! I am a somewhat frugal and educated buyer; however, believe me, I did not hesitate to register Webcam32.  It is simply wonderful. I am a corporate Intranet designer and I have already had some interest expressed to me from my clients who are considering using Webcam32 to keep on eye on their remote franchises. You've got something really good here!

Thanks again!

You have the best example of shareware with reasonable terms I have seen. I downloaded the eval copy, experimented with it all weekend, convinced myself that I could make it work and that it suited my needs, decided that $39.95 is a reasonable price, and now I am back. If the shareware motto is "try before you buy," then yours is a shining example.

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